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Health Screening Tests

Screening tests and diagnostic evaluations are individualized for each patient.

Routine diagnostic screening
- Mammogram
- EKG ( electrocardiogram )
- DEXA bone density scan
- Colonoscopy
- Ultrasound of the abdomen, pelvis, prostate
- Pulmonary function testing (current or past smoker)

Technologically progressive diagnostics
- Electron-beam coronary CT scan - measures the amount of atherosclerotic
plaque in the coronary arteries supplying the heart
- Doppler scan of the carotid arteries - detect narrowing of the main arterial
pipelines to the brain
- Doppler flow peripheral vascular index testing - assess blood flow to the
- Lung CT scan - screen for lung cancer or other chest abnormalities. This
technology detects lung cancer in the earliest curable stages.
- Whole body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) - allows visualization of the
interior of the body, the brain, liver, pancreas - everything in 3D without
- Whole body MRA (magnetic resonance angiography) - a MRI study of the
blood vessels looking at the health of all blood vessels, including the
brain, carotid arteries supplying the brain, the aorta, kidney arteries and
femoral arteries supplying the legs without needles or probing



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