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Executive Physicals combine a comprehensive history and physical examination with advanced screening tests. Custom-tailored diagnostic evaluations, recommended by experienced physicians, focus on promoting wellness and prevention and thorough medical checkups and physical exams help detect health problems before they become more severe.
The patient's age and gender, as well as their medical/surgical history, family history and their personal nutrition, exercise and lifestyle issues are incorporated in the medical interview. Immunization and vaccination status are reviewed. Each patient undergoes a thorough, physical examination (and gynecological exam for women) by an experienced, licensed Medical Doctor.
Blood and urine samples are submitted for extensive personalized laboratory testing. Routine chemistry, blood counts and cholesterol levels are determined. Sophisticated customized laboratory analyses are performed further profiling the patient's metabolic and hormonal status. Confidential HIV and STD (sexually transmitted diseases) testing is also available.
Traditional routine screening tests (mammogram, EKG, colonoscopy, etc.) are ordered and technologically progressive diagnostic radiology studies are considered on an individual basis.
Once the extensive lab testing and screening studies are complete, a follow-up consultation is scheduled. The doctor then reviews test results with the patient providing personalized guidelines and specific recommendations to help maintain
optimal health. A written report is provided to the patient.
Please browse our web site. We welcome new patients and look forward to providing an informative assessment of your health with medical checkups physical exams.

Please browse our website. We welcome new patients and we look forward to seeing you in our office soon.

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